A Grand Safari Adventure!

A few weeks ago, JitterBug (11) worked tirelessly for on a project she had thought of and wanted to do.  It was very intensive for her – even my telling her she should go outside while the weather was nice – wouldn’t budge her determination to see this project through.

Stacks of books, notebooking pages, a 3-ring binder and 10 days later,I received an invitation to go on a “Grand Safari Adventure” with her.  While I was kept busy with the younger children in the kitchen, she enlisted the help of HorseyBug (10) to set up this Grand Safari Adventure.

They used their stuffed animals,   their Schleich animals,  and their notebooking pages.

Here’s how it worked:

Each room of the house became a different habitat,  complete with animals found there.  As we rode our imaginary safari transport, we were introduced to these animals by species and given specific details about each of their habits, their characteristics, and how they interacted with the other things in their habitats.  When our Safari Adventure was complete, we enjoyed fresh fruit and veggie snacks prepared by the girls and were encouraged to read about the animals that had been so carefully researched and drawn onto notebooking pages.

We had so much fun with the first one that all 4 girls did another Safari for their aunt and grandparents.   This is a condensed version of JitterBug’s Grand Safari Adventure:

The above picture is HorseyBug’s version – notice that the lion in the bottom left corner is sticking it’s head through the grass hunting it’s prey on the right.  =)

This one is JuneBug’s (4) who got the left overs from the “good animals”.

And BittyBug was pleased to present us with “cowpies” – she put her cows in the cornmeal pancake!!   =)

This is Masterly Inactivity at its best!

Masterly inactivity is being in control of yourself and your children (that’s the masterly part)  enough to be able to let your children have room to explore, learn, and grow within your boundaries without undue interference from you as the parent (that is the inactivity part).

This masterly inactivity is a regular part of our life.  After we get our lessons and chores done, the girls are given the freedom to play, create, dream, read, or whatever they want to do (within reason…lol).


4 thoughts on “A Grand Safari Adventure!

  1. Connie Yeates

    I am not sure why the pizza comment ended up under this one, but….

    The Grand Safari Adventure looks awesome. You can bet the Bugs learned way more than sitting at a desk or cutting pictures out for a poster. Tell Jitter and Horsey well done. Wish I could have gone on it too.

  2. sheraz2011 Post author

    They had so much fun…they regularly get out all those animals and set them up…in dens, packs, herds, flocks, etc. I am amazed at how much they learn using these methods. =)

  3. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    I got to go on the safari – It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a few things I didn’t know!!. = )
    Here is a great off-shoot of it: HorseyBug and JuneBug each did their own versions afterwards and I thought those were equally successful…


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