Scripture Power!

A few months ago, my friend sent me a link to a fabulous resource for helping children develop skills for studying scriptures and making connections with them in their lives. I had started and stopped this idea several times with the New Testament because they would read the passage, and then simply note where they were on the page.  I knew that I wasn’t helping them understand what I meant by study.

I first saw this scripture journal set just before October’s General Conference Saturday Morning session. In that session,Elder Richard G. Scott spoke on Scripture Power: the importance of memorizing scriptures, making them your personal friends and the power you get from them.  I knew we were on to something!  I was really excited since I already have a really good scripture memorizing program in place for our school.   We use our Scripture Memory Box everyday.  (I will admit that I just bought the plastic alphabet cards and turned them over to label instead of printing some).  But I still felt like something was missing.

The scripture journal was a great step to get me where I wanted to go with my goals.  Dana from Latter-Day Homeschooling designed the set using the New Testament Story Reader from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Dana designed a sticker with a picture and a question prompt for each chapter.  On a journal page, the child pastes the sticker and writes his/her response to the prompt.  Here is my favorite part:  to read the story, a child has to look up the scripture references found in the Reader (under the pictures in the chapters) in their REAL scriptures and mark it, then read it.

This ensures that the child is getting familiar with the stories, the scriptures, and thinking about the story afterwards.

I am using the journal pages not just for my kids – I use them too!  Dana’s pages were so beautiful that I created my own study journal – this is where I can store and add my research and notes as I study Conference talks, scriptures, time-lines, topics that are important to me, and on and on…I like the book as it helps really do my studying.  It is another thing that I consider a tender mercy since it makes me do it today – not someday.

The link to Dana’s scripture study for kids is here.  She has links available for you to print all the journal pages – not just for the scriptures, but also for all the Young Women values.  Really cool!

UPDATED January 29, 2011 – The scripture journaling picture numbers do not match up to the chapter numbers.  I made a list with the chapter number, the corresponding picture number, the title, scripture references and the journal prompt here: New Testament Stories Scripture Journaling Master List.  I will tuck this into our scripture journals and eliminate the need to hunt the story up in the New Testament Reader every day.

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